We need your photos from the high school era -- or even before then.

We’re assembling a digital scrapbook that we’ll show on monitors the night of the reunion,  and make copies available after the fact. But we can’t do it without you.

We know you have them. From prom and Homecoming. Basketball and football games. Spring vacation. Sweet 16s. Even bar and bat mitzvahs.

If you [or more likely, your mother] were organized, you might even have a photo album. But there's a greater probability that they are stashed away -- in a box, probably, inside another box, or in a bin.

They may be in the back of a closet, or in the attic or the basement or maybe even some offsite storage space. But if you have them -- and you do --  this is the time to haul them out and do something with them. Nostalgia and sentimentality are part of it, but think of the embarrassment  you can visit uponthose who looked really goofy at 17! [You, of course, looked great.]

So even if you can’t attend the reunion, do us -- and yourself -- a solid. Dig deep in your troves of memorabilia and send us what you find. JPEG images will work best. [If you have children -- or some form of clerical assistance where you work --  they can walk you through it.]

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You’ll be glad you did.