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•   Laurie Solgon  8/13
•   Toby Gordon  8/10
•   Sandy Kanter (Harrell)  8/9
•   John Rosenbaum  4/24
•   Alyssa Meyer (Meyer)  4/13
•   Steve Rosenberg  4/8
•   David Axelrod  4/8
•   Susan Lewin (Rossie)  1/12
•   Wendy Eichenbaum (Aling)  12/16
•   Daniel Kravitz  12/11
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1 lives in Arkansas
41 live in California
7 live in Colorado
4 live in Connecticut
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11 live in Florida
2 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
137 live in Illinois
1 lives in Iowa
2 live in Kansas
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Highland Park High School
Class Of 1971



August 29 2016


For those of you who haven't bought tickets yet [and that includes just about all of you] we are sending this alert that after Labor Day - September 5 - we are raising ticket prices to $80

Yeah, we realize that most of you don't need an incentive like this, but hey, can it hurt? 

We know that many of you still haven't decided if you're going to come, and, while you will be able to buy tickets at the door, it would make things easier on the club staff and management if we had a fairly firm idea of how many people were attending. 

We are all looking forward to a great event. 

See you at Birchwood on September 24










April 7 2016












We just couldn't wait for 50.


So we're having a party to celebrate our 45th year out of HPHS. Saturday September 24 at the Birchwood Club. Appetizers and buffet dinner tickets will be $71; cash bar. 


Our class reunion would not be our class reunion without a golf outing, and Wes has once again organized a special edition of the Wenk Open at the Highland Park Country Club for Saturday morning


As of this moment, we're still working on setting up the mechanism for ticket sales to both events, but we'll post the details here - and send e-mail alerts as everything comes together. Many more details will follow.


Stay tuned. And mark your calendars. [Even if you have something else planned, you can still change your reservations.]  






THANKS. wink]















Our classmate Ellen Rosenblum Warsaw suggested we post a list of people who've told us they will be at our birthday party in Highwood.

We also thought we'd post responses we got from people who can't come, many of which contain wishes for the whole class.


See below


[As of: 9/22]



Jim Anderson

Joe Bartolai

Debbie Bartoni Herring

Harlan Bass

Phil Berger

Clara Berman

Harlan Breger

Rick Brody

Patti Davidson Pathman

Wendy Eichenbaum Aling

Marty Fine

Steve Fiore

Tom Gold

Marla Goldfarb Snyder

Margy Kaye

Bob Keats

Nancy Lakin Eisenberg

Steve Lane

Michael Lembeck

Susan Lewin Rossie

Jerrold Marks

Karen (Meldman) Finerman

Lauren (Miller) David

Joel Pathman

Leslie Petranek Farcy

Rick Piacenza [celebrating his actual birthday on 9/28]

Leslie Powell Jacobson

John Risdon

John Rosenbaum

Ellen Rosenblum Warsaw

Rick Roshto

Bob Saltzman

Joel Schechter

Bill Terman

Mary Vogds Fiore

Wes Wenk

Wendy Wirth Famularo

Harvey Wolf

Kerry Wolfe





Karen Altay

Alice Bennett Groh: "Sorry that I can't come.  Best greetings to everyone." 

Cathy Brown Wilson: "I will wait for the next big bash... if I am still around LOL"

Barb Buhai: "So sorry I won't be attending the gala in Highwood. Parental duty calls for first Dad's weekend in Champaign."

David Ellmann: "Wish I could attend but will be in Montana. Hi to all and I will miss you."

Diane Freeman Ruder: "Larry and I were hoping to make it for drinks but we have a dinner that we can't get out of. Next time for sure. Have fun!"

David Fuller: "David Fuller will not attend, sadly"

Donna (Gieser) Castele, who wrote "I'd love to join you, but have a previous plan to be out of town that weekend.  I am really disappointed that I cannot attend.Oh well....."

Joan (Gilbert) Guilianelli, who wrote "Would love to join you but I'll be out of town- an actual 60th bday gift from my hubby. Everyone I've spoken to has told me what a great time I missed at the reunion so have actually been looking forward to another get together. Oh well, maybe next time. Have a great time."

Jill Glaser; "I'm going to be in NYC and then San Juan from 9/20-9/28."

Eric Gross: "I do wish everyone who goes the very best.

Rose Hansen

Cici Haskins Birnberg: "Sorry that I cannot make it. If I were not going out of town, I would definitely be there. I'm sorry that I;m missing this get together. Have fun guys!"

Mark Isenstein: "Regretfully, I’m unable to make it to Las Vegas and will be out of town the weekend of the 28th …but please wish everyone a happy 60th birthday from me,  Thanks,  

Linda (Lauer) Deardoff, who wrote "Thanks for this invite.  So glad you guys are keeping things going.  Thanks to Wes for his idea as well.  I won't be there unfortunately, however I'll be thinking of Billy on the 28th and wish him many more happy, healthy, birthdays to come.  I will be turning 60 the next day!"
Nancy Lawton: "Have a great time!"
James Lurie: "truly wish I could be there.  I had so much fun at the 40th reunion.  Unfortunately, I'll be in Los Angeles.  And I was just in HP last week visiting my mother.... Hope you all have fun"
Todd Mandel: "Greetings to classmates and regrets from LA.  Wishing everyone and 80 year-old Ellen a glorious celebration with of course lots of sex, drugs and rock and roll!"
Cliff Mazer: "My boys (and their partners) are taking me to the Georgia mountains (for my b-day in Oct) on the same date as the get-together in Highwood."
Barb (Margolis) Weinberg, who wrote "I will be out of town.
Next time ill be there
Take lots of pics!"
Laurie Mayer Kentor
Jeff Melvoin, who wrote "Being pretty well stuck in Los Angeles these days (for good work-related reasons) takes me out of the running for most criminal hijinks, but do appreciate the time and energy you're putting into this."
Robin Price Eisenberg
Ilene Resnick Garber: "I would have, but we are on our way to Jackson Hole. Should be a fun evening for one and all."
Michael Rosengarden: "I can't. We're having an engagement party that night for our daughter.
If you have nothing to do that morning you can come and run with me and Margie at the MMRF Race For Research in Lincoln Park."

Diana Rosenstein: "Sorry, but I can't make either event.  Thanks for planning them and I hope everyone who attends has a great time."

Carol Sanes-Miller: "Sorry, unable to attend.  Schedule conflict--same day as my niece's wedding."

Karen Shore Markin: "We have plans for another "reunion" that night.  Sorry I have to miss it, would love to get together another time."

Patti Smith Roberts: "I would love to come but living out in South Dakota but I would love to know who is coming and maybe get in touch with some possibly."
Ann Tarpey Crisham: "hanks for the arrangements but I will not be able to attend.  Have fun!"
Martha Telpner Lieberman: "Nice of you to continue to plan these events.  We're living in Mexico so I won't be there.
Saludos a todos.
Leslie Winter: "Thanks for the invites-- I'm out of town on the 28th. Wish I could party with everyone. Thanks for planning this."
Lynne Wolf Billing: "So sorry not to be able to make it. Was just in HP last week for 5 days  and planning to come up again the end of Oct. Just a little too far from Tampa to come more often. Will miss seeing people. The 40th was soooooo much fun."

Michael Young: "Hi all... Was hoping to make the high wood portion but my nieces Bat Mitzvah is that weekend. Have fun there and in Vegas !!! Hope to see you all soon ."


Jerry Johnston: "Looks like a 50/50 chance of making the Highwood event.  I am driving back from Nantucket next week and due to arrive back in Chicago late on Friday."

Mary Moran White

Garry Zimmerman: " believe that I'll be entertaining clients from overseas, but their plans are still tentative, so
I'm not sure.  If they decide to postpone, then I'll be there, if not, I can't help it.  I hope it's a great 60th for all!"









Many classmates have asked Your Webmaster for the latest information about plans to celebrate our 60th birthdays together. So here's an update:



The group has reserved a private room at STK Las Vegas [at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas] for a birthday dinner at 7:30 pm on Saturday, September 21. Plans for a Friday night get-together are still developing. Watch this space.

As for accommodations, our Las Vegas expert suggests that the Tower [NOT the Pyramid] at the Luxor is really the best deal on the Strip. [ or 1-877-386-4658.]




You may know that Bertucci's - where we had suggested we meet on Sept 28 - closed its doors September 1. But as you might suspect, Highwood offers multiple options. We will still get together on September 28, but the new location for the party will be Toadstool's Pub, 327 Waukegan Road. Let's say around 8 pm.

The event will be completely informal - everyone will just order their own beverages at the bar. And yes, there will be a cake, plus maybe a few snacks.



Your Webmaster hopes to see everyone in Las Vegas and Highwood, although we know not everyone can do both - or either. 


That said, it would help for planning both of the events to know what kind of numbers we're talking about. We'd be grateful if you let us know whether you think you're going to attend - no one's going to ask for a check or make you commit in any other way.


So PLEASE contact us at to let us know you're coming.













It's been a while, but here we are again.

Your webmaster deserves not just a slap on the wrist, but a kick in the butt for failing to update the site for such a long time. Here are a few new items for your consideration:


MORE PHOTOS, and a note about classmate spouses. Our informal, unscientific observations suggest that fewer spouses attended this reunion compared to our 10th, 20th and 30th.

But those who did seem to fall into several general categories: [1] those who attend because they're afraid what their spouses might do without them there, [2] those who attend because the classmate insists they do so, and [3] those who really want to attend because they just love a party and totally get into the celebratory nature of the whole thing.

Sandy Presant, Nancy Loeb's husband, is firmly in the last camp. It was hard to find anyone at the event who was more enthusiastic and effusive. He also took some great pictures -- a link to which we've posted on the "Reunion Pics" page. [Actually we received these right after the reunion, but for some reason -- again, the slothfulness of your webmaster -- they got lost in the shuffle.] Thanks, Sandy! You are more than welcome at any and all future class functions.


SURVEY SAYSWe are trying to determine the best way to extend the positive feelings this past summer's events generated. So we've created a survey in which we want everyone's input, whether or not you attended. Click on the "What Now?" link on the left, and let us know what you think.



Click on the Message Forum link in the menu on the left side of this page to see what people are saying, and feel free to share.

Here are just a few pics from our Friday night gathering at Teddy O'Brian's: